The “hypothetical” candidacy of Elizabeth Warren

“Brown’s campaign points to a comment by Warren last year where she discusses the effects of raising taxes to ensure the program’s fiscal stability. It says the proposal discussed by Warren would add $1 trillion in higher taxes over 10 years…Warren’s campaign said she was speaking hypothetically, and that Brown is taking that snippet out of context.” – Associated Press

There you have it. Elizabeth Warren’s own campaign is saying that her answers to policy questions are hypothetical. One has to wonder if that will be her campaign’s standard answer every time she gets caught by her statements?  What else about her campaign is hypothetical?

Let’s look first though at her statements on Social Security.  As you can see in the video below, when asked how to save Social Security, she mentions the problem.  Which is Social Security will not be able to pay full benefits starting in 2044 (others say sooner).  Then she offers a solution, instituting a flat tax across all income levels.  

She gave this answer at the Blackstone Chamber of Commerce.  An answer that the Worcester Telegram & Gazette categorized at the time as a “point blank answer”.

“Not shying away from point-blank questions from Gaudette Insurance Agency President Lee Gaudette about funding Social Security for the baby boom generation, Ms. Warren said that if income were taxed for Social Security at a flat rate, instead of having the taxable portion capped at $108,000, the program would pay for itself.”

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The question now is what else has Elizabeth Warern said that is a “hypothetical”?  Is everything she has said “hypothetical”? For instance:

She’s “hypothetically” a Native American, despite mounting evidence to the contrary.

Her parents “hypothetically” eloped, even though research shows that they didn’t.

She “hypothetically” didn’t commit academic fraud, even though a well respected Princeton Law Professor said she did.

She “hypothetically” is for cleaning up wall street, except she takes money from convicted inside traders like George Soros.

She “hypothetically” thinks the current financial mess was created “one bad mortgage at a time”, until she takes the endorsement of a sub-prime mortgage banker in Deval Patrick.

She “hypothetically” thinks tuition rates for college are too high, unless you are talking about Harvard which needs to pay her $300K plus salary…

The list could go on and on.

Don’t be fooled by a hypothetical candidate, vote for the real thing this November.

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