Sorry BMG, it was Parmon that Plagiarized Brown

Blue Mass Group front paged a story by SeamusRomney entitled Scott Brown Plagiarizes Again only it is demonstrably not true.  The story goes that there are similarities between the Scott Brown and Earline Parmon, a Democratic candidate running for State Senate in North Carolina, websites.  There are, but it’s not Scott that stole from Earline, it appears to be the other way around.  Scott Brown launched his campaign website in January 2012 with the language.  Parmon launched her campaign for State Senate only in February of 2012.

Blue Mass Group uses for it’s proof that an online voter guide entitled shows that Parmon used the same language in 2004.  Only it doesn’t. It seems that the site pulled her current biographical information.  Here’s a screen shot of the page in question.  

Note that the top says State Representative, which Parmon was, and the text says State Senate.  Two different offices.  Note also the language regarding “Clear Vision, and Experience that Counts”, we’ll later show that that is language from this cycle. Not her earlier campaigns.

Also, the paragraph that Blue Mass Group is referring to notes an “unacceptably high unemployment rate”.  The national Unemployment rate in 2004 was between 5-6%, hardly unacceptably high.  Why would anyone use that language in 2004?

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Let’s now take a look at the “Clear Vision, and Experience that Counts” tag-line shown on the page.  Here is a screen shot of Parmon’s website archived on February 7, 2011, by the Internet Archive, note that the tagline is not in her top banner nor in Parmon’s scrolling logo.  Instead her tagline prior to 2012 was “Taking Action ~ Getting Results!”

Now take a look at a screenshot taken today.  It has the “Clear Vision, and Experience that Counts” wording in both the banner and the crawling tagline.

You really shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet without checking it out thoroughly.  Scott Brown didn’t plagiarize Earline Parmon, it seems it was the other way around.  

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