Scott Brown is Against Gun Control. Scott Brown is For Gun Control.

I’ve noticed a number of stories in the Boston press about Scott Brown’s opposition to gun control after the Aurora shooting.  Each side has played it’s expected role in the narrative, with gun control advocates and Elizabeth Warren supporting the nationwide reinstatement of the assault weapons ban and Scott Brown playing the good Republican who refuses to support new gun control.

There’s just one problem: no one is actually trying to pass a new assault weapons ban, at least not in its entirity.  Senate gun control supporters decided to focus on passing what they see as the most essential part of the assault weapons ban, the ban on high capacity magazines (magazines that hold more than ten rounds).  Legislation to do just that was introduced in the senate as part of the Cybersecurity Act of 2012, S 3414 .  While the legislation has drawn the ire of the gun community, Scott Brown voted  for it.  The bill failed to get the 60 votes needed to go forward.

Prediction: Everyone (including the press) will pretend this didn’t just happen.  After all, it is election season, a time of fairy tales and make believe.

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