Rachel Maddow retracts false Brown plagiarism story, BMG still has it on front page

(At 7:49 @bluemassgroup tweeted that they will check out the links when they get home. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Update: as of 10PM on August 16, 2012 Blue Mass Group has left on the front page, but changed their promotion comment to say it is false.

As of 7:30 PM this evening Rachel Maddow has corrected the false story of Scott Brown plagiarizing a North Carolina Senate Candidate.  Maddow references Red Mass Group research in doing so.

As the following screenshot shows.  Blue Mass Group has not retracted their original front page article that falsely accuses Scott Brown of plagiarism. (click on photo to enlarge)  

If Maddow retracts, surely Blue Mass Group will do so shortly…..

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  • Wow, the Maddow Blog was the last place I’d ever expect RMG to get an inbound link from, silly season indeed.

  • Your research is flawed.   You make the following statement:

    Scott Brown launched his campaign website in January 2012 with the language.  Parmon launched her campaign for State Senate only in February of 2012.

    When you check Internet Archive, you see that Scott Brown did NOT launch his web site in January 2012.    Your statement is inaccurate, and your premise is false.

    Besides, we already know that Scott Brown has a history of plagiarism.    

    Let’s see what Parmon has to say about this situation

  • Republican Ram Rod Radio

    So, based on the research Rob has done at RMG, and discernente in the comments, I’m not convinced it was Brown who did the plagiarizing — in fact, it seems more likely the opposite. Now … why would anyone bother to plagiarize such utterly banal political boilerplate?


  • Republican Ram Rod Radio

    At 9:25 last night he wasn’t ready to concede, but he was greasing the skids if you know what I mean …

    Perhaps one of the campaigns will provide additional information to allow inquiring minds to discern the truth. I’m not convinced by the arguments that Ms. Parmon copied Scott Brown’s material, to me the evidence speaks to the contrary.

    I’ve eaten crow before and, though I don’t like the flavor, will do so again if needed. At the moment (9:25p on 16-Aug), I’m not ready to concede. -SomervilleTom

  • Republican Ram Rod Radio

    This is clearly plagarism

    Really LoquaciousLiberal? Is that what Rachel Maddow told you?  : )