Rachel Maddow retracts false Brown plagiarism story, BMG still has it on front page

(At 7:49 @bluemassgroup tweeted that they will check out the links when they get home. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Update: as of 10PM on August 16, 2012 Blue Mass Group has left on the front page, but changed their promotion comment to say it is false.

As of 7:30 PM this evening Rachel Maddow has corrected the false story of Scott Brown plagiarizing a North Carolina Senate Candidate.  Maddow references Red Mass Group research in doing so.

As the following screenshot shows.  Blue Mass Group has not retracted their original front page article that falsely accuses Scott Brown of plagiarism. (click on photo to enlarge)  

If Maddow retracts, surely Blue Mass Group will do so shortly…..

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