MassDems think the Lower East Side Business Improvement Non-Profit destroyed the economy

Things keep getting better for the Massachusetts Democratic Party, and their latest failing video calling Scott Brown a gasp Republican.  First we showed that Kevin Franck and John Walsh at MassDems HQ think that all Jews end their names in “stein”.  

Now Red Mass Group has uncovered that the cabal of evil bankers waving at you half way through the video aren’t bankers at all.  Nope their Members of the Lower East Side Business Improvement District.  A non-profit that works to improve the lives of the business owners and residents of New York’s Lower East Side.  

Here’s the screen grab of the Mass Dems video showing the members of the non-profit, after the words “both Pick Wall Street and Billionaires over the Middle Class.. Every Time”. The grab is from 0:36 in the MassDems video.

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Here is the unedited video from the event.

Who are the Lower East Side Business Improvement District?  Here’s what their about page says.

The Lower East Side Business Improvement District (LES BID) was established in 1992 as a nonprofit economic development organization dedicated to revitalizing the Orchard Street Shopping District by providing a variety of services to promote economic activity and improve the quality of life in the Lower East Side.

The LES BID area covers some other parts of the Lower East Side in addition to Orchard Street (from East Houston to Canal Street) Additional areas include Delancey Street from Allen to Suffolk Street; Grand Street from Forsyth to Ludlow Street; East Houston Street (south side) from Allen to Ludlow Street; and portions of Stanton, Rivington, Broome and Hester Streets.

Efforts are tailored toward assisting property owners and merchants who are in the Lower East Side Business Improvement District, and improving the overall quality of life in the community.

Services provided by the LES BID include:

   Beautification efforts including street cleaning, graffiti removal, tree plantings, and holiday decorative lighting installations;

   Economic development and business assistance in the form of storefront, security camera, and website development grants; and

   Validated 2-hour free parking for shoppers, as well as discounted rates for merchants.

The LES BID also markets the neighborhood through free walking tours, the Go East! Shopping Guide, a gallery guide, co-op advertisements and special events including fashion shows and street festivals.

Yes those evil-doers that broke our economy just happen to be from a non-profit that’s trying to improve a blighted area of New York through validated parking.  The gall of them.

Another #fail by the MassDems and our friends Kevin Franck and John Walsh.

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