MassDems spell name of evil overlord wrong in new web video

That was quick.  The MassDems already have a successor to the “Lockstep Republican” ad they ran so well in 2010 against Scott Brown.  It tries to link Scott Brown and the evil Mitt Romney, the man who will kill your babies and eat your dog (whoops that’s the other guy).  It’s got very poor production value.  But here it is.

The best part?  They can’t even spell the name of the evil Jewish Republican Overlord right.  Apparently the video was produced by Sheldon Adelstein…  Who the heck is that. I mean I know there’s a conservative Dorchester Native that is funding a SuperPAC but his name is Adelson.  Anyway, here’s a screen-shot.

Elizabeth Warren thinks all Native American’s look alike, with their “high cheekbones” and all.  Perhaps Kevin Franck and John Walsh think all Jews end their names in -stein.

One thing is for sure, they probably shouldn’t let Kevin play with the iMovie on his Mac any more.  Things just go horribly wrong.

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