Just One Vote – A Hard-Hitting Ad every Republican could use.

(Fantastic ad, hard hitting.  This seems to be the same guy that made that ad for the MA17.  Very well done. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

The 4th District Race in Massachusetts is one of the most exciting and watched around the nation because of the entrance of Joe Kennedy III on the Democratic side. Joe is one of limousine liberals who have been insulated from the effects of their own poor policies and have never had to go through any of the areas driven to ruin through decades of Democratic rule.

Just One Vote is a video ad by Dr. David Steinhof’s team. It illustrates what has happened to Fall River thanks to its history of complete Democratic control.

This ad specifically takes footage from Fall River, but it can be re-cut and re-shot for any candidate who lives in an area where this has happened – because this is what happens. It has happened in Fall River, it’s happened in Taunton, and it’s happened in cities all over the nation from Boston and Atlanta to the most striking example, Detroit.

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