It’s time for Elizabeth Warren to come clean about Demos ties

Elizabeth Warren’s latest bit of “family lore” doesn’t pass the smell test.  Today she tells the Boston Herald that her daughter’s organization has nothing to do with her campaign, or herself in general.  

Warren also brushed off GOP accusations that her daughter’s group is trying to give her a leg up. Warren Tyagi did not return calls left at her home and office.

But campaign finance documents show Demos, which has targeted state welfare departments across the country, is top-heavy with several Warren backers. Four Demos board members, the group’s senior counsel and a PAC led by another board member have donated thousands to the Democrat’s campaign.

The Free Beacon was on this story back in May of 2012.  The Beacon explains:

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Demos president Miles Rapoport issued a press release in July 2010 supporting Warren’s bid to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and another in July 2011 praising her “leadership” in designing the CFPB.

“Demos has long been a vocal supporter of Elizabeth Warren and commends her for working tirelessly to set up the CFPB all while defending it from unrelenting and unfounded attacks,” Rapoport wrote.

Rapoport did not mention Elizabeth Warren’s personal ties to Demos in either statement.

The Demos blog celebrated the launch of Warren’s Senate campaign in August 2011, calling her “a figure of rare integrity” and proclaiming, “she and this republic are better served by Warren making the Senate run.”

Demos presented Warren with a “Transforming America” award in 2010 at its 10th anniversary gala.

It’s not just Demos itself but also the magazine that Demos runs that has been highly supportive of Elizabeth Warren.  The magazine is called the American Prospect.

Amelia Warren Tyagi also chairs the board of directors of the American Prospect, a liberal opinion journal.

Like Demos, the American Prospect has strongly supported Elizabeth Warren’s Senate campaign and nascent political career.

Prospect co-founder and Demos senior fellow Robert Kuttner wrote an article in July 2011 entitled “Senator Warren?” that encouraged Warren to announce her candidacy. “God knows this battered republic and the progressive movement need her leadership,” Kuttner wrote.

Kuttner wrote another Prospect piece in December 2011 accusing Karl Rove of running a negative ad about Warren. “Happily, Warren’s good work is so well known that the ad will strike viewers as laughable,” he wrote.

Kuttner did not disclose Warren’s personal ties to the Prospect in either piece. A June 2011 post by Kuttner did disclose the relationship, however.

Another Prospect post called Warren a “nurturing warrior” and proclaimed, “Why do liberals love Elizabeth Warren so much? It’s because of her actual record and positions, of course.”

This is not just a casual relationship.  Demos, a George Soros Funded organization, has been at the forefront of her campaign and her rise to ascendency.  Warren has as much credibility on this issue as she does on her other claims of “family lore”.

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