GOP now OK with EC?

I’ve always said that victims of rape should be given emergency contraception to prevent pregnancy as a matter of law. It should not be legally possible to cause a pregnancy by raping someone, and victims should feel no pangs of conscience at having to make a choice to prevent pregnancy, as if they were killing a child by taking emergency contraception. They should be re-assured that life doesn’t begin until after implantation and the heart starts beating, around two weeks after fertilization, and all they are doing is “shutting that whole thing down” before a life is begun.

So I see Akin’s comments as an opening to acceptance of Emergency Contraception for rape victims. The “ways” that the female body has to shut that whole thing down involve taking a medicine. Historically, women have long known about foods and roots and medicines that prevent pregnancy or improve pregnancy, and since a human body must eat something, then the choice of what to eat is included in the “ways” that a woman has to shut the whole thing down. If Akin is OK with that, then he’s OK with Emergency Contraception, and that is a very positive development.

We certainly do not want to define zygotes and un-implanted embryos as living human beings.  Akin seems to agree with me again, by saying that ectopic pregnancies that are developing in the body buy outside the womb should also be shut down. Only fetuses implanted in a woman’s womb with a heartbeat should be protected, not frozen embryos, not embryos in petri dishes or test tubes, and not embryos that have not yet implanted in a woman’s woman, least of all that are the product of rape. We should allow women their ways to shut the whole thing down to prevent a pregnancy from starting, whether it is exercising strenuously or taking a pill or whatever.

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