Globe: Only in Massachsuetts did Elizabeth Warren’s daughter push for mailed registration forms

The fix is in folks.  The Deval Patrick administration and Elizabeth Warren’s daughter’s “charity” conspired to rig the election for Warren. There is no other logical explanation and Michael Levenson at the Boston Globe has the details.

Massachusetts is the only state that has agreed to send mass mailings to register welfare recipients to vote, following a series of state lawsuits brought by the liberal group Demos, which is chaired by the daughter of Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren.

Republicans say the mass mailings indicate that Massachusetts went above and beyond what was necessary to turn out likely Democratic voters for the November election.

Other states have settled Demos’s lawsuits by agreeing to less costly steps, such as better training for welfare officials or upgraded computer systems.

But Demos says it pushed Massachusetts to mail the voter registration forms to thousands of welfare recipients because the lawsuit here was filed so close to the election that simply allowing recipients to register the next time they went to a public assistance office was not practical.

It is just a coincidence then that Massachusetts happens to be the state where, the Demos Chairman of the Board of Directors, Amelia Warren Tyagi’s mother is running for the U.S. Senate.  Attorney General Martha Coakley needs to investigate what happened and bring charges for those that have conspired to rig an election.  

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