Gas prices rise – Cantwell wants additional tax, Coulter opposes new gas tax increase

Scituate, MA –  The automobile group AAA has recently reported that on average gas prices have shot up by 22 cents in the last month alone.  Working families don’t need this report to reinforce the pinch at the pump they’ve been feeling during this season of summer travel. And if Democrats on Beacon Hill have their way, those prices could escalate even more.

Joining the ranks of Democrats on Beacon Hill, Representative James Cantwell refused this year to support giving some relief at the pump for local taxpayers, as well as legislation to offer relief to local government.

As he does over 96% of the time, Cantwell voted with Democratic leadership and blocked an effort to exclude municipal government from the gas tax (RC vote #218).   This proposal he blocked would have helped our police and fire departments navigate difficult financial times and offer some relief.

“Time and again, Rep. Cantwell supports policies that take more money from our pockets and delivers them to Boston,” Coulter said. “By supporting an even higher gas tax and blocking commonsense reforms to help our police and fire departments Rep. Cantwell is sending the message that he cares more about his friends on Beacon Hill than Marshfield and Scituate.”

Giving relief to municipalities could help ease the pressure on our property taxes as well, helping not only the local government’s finances but working families.  Rep. Cantwell has for years supported raising the gas tax and is itching for that new revenue to spend on pet projects.

“Raising the gas tax would be a huge mistake,” Coulter said. “This election needs to be about supporting working families and helping them cope with difficult financial times, not finding ways to take more from your pocket.”


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