Five Things you should know today August 24, 2012

1. Massachusetts Republican Municipal Coalition Fundraiser

The Massachusetts Republican Municipal Coalition PAC held a very successful fundraiser in Auburn last evening.  The MuniPAC raises money to help GOP candidates at the local level win their selectman, school committee and council races.  Many people came out in support including Brent Andersen the Treasurer of the Massachsuetts Republican Party and Representative Kim Ferguson, pictured below.

There were other elected officials in attendance, including Representative Paul Frost (R-Auburn), Representative Peter Durant, and Representative Ryan Fattman.

2. Gold Standard in GOP Platform?

The Financial Times is reporting that Ron Paul got another major piece in the party platform.  That is the creation of a gold commission to look at getting the US back on the gold standard.

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The gold standard has returned to mainstream US politics for the first time in 30 years, with a “gold commission” set to become part of official Republican party policy.

Drafts of the party platform, which it will adopt at a convention in Tampa Bay, Florida, next week, call for an audit of Federal Reserve monetary policy and a commission to look at restoring the link between the dollar and gold.

3.  OCPF reports coming in fast and furious.

If you have nothing better to do with your life over the next 5 days….

… you can constantly refresh this webpage…

You’ll see OCPF reports filed in real time.


4. Tim Murray continues to be the only man working in State Government

While Deval Patrick continues to be absent from his job, Tim Murray continues to pick up the slack.  Murray has multiple events scheduled today according to the State House News Service.  It’s almost if Deval Patrick decided, you know what, Timmy can be the guv. I’m just gonna chillax.

5. Tonight on NECN

I will be on NECN tonight at 6:00 PM with Jim Braude and Karen Spilka.  I’m sure she’ll say that Scott Brown hates women, we’ll just have to look at her record.

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