Five Things you should know today, August 23, 2012

1. John Walsh tried this in 2010, it doesn’t work.

The only thing Elizabeth Warren seemingly has left against Scott Brown is that he is a Republican.  You remember in 2010 don’t you when John Walsh decided to use Rush Limbaugh is a Nazi imagery in a ad titled “Lockstep Republican”.  It didn’t work then, it isn’t going to work now.

2. Liberty Slate Compromise Reached, Evan Kenney and Carol Claros are Delegates

Rachel Maddow has the story.  

On Sunday, Kenney testified in Tampa before the credentials committee about what happened to the Massachusetts Liberty Caucus slate of delegates. Today, he says, he got a call from Nate Little of the Massachusetts Republican Party informing him of his status as a full delegate. The recent high school graduate said he got the spot only after a Romney delegate — who originally lost his bid at the convention – “was kind enough to give up his delegate seat” for Kenney.


In total five delegate spots will be reclaimed by their rightful caucus winners.  What a waste of time and effort this whole summer has been regarding this.  If only cooler heads had prevailed all along.

3. Deval Patrick skips Jet Blue CEO meeting for Ballet

The Worcester business community has been trying to lure Jet Blue to the Worcester Airport.  As part of that effort the CEO of Jet Blue met with city and state leaders recently.  Except Deval Patrick, who chose the Ballet over Worcester County economic growth.  Go Local Worcester has the story:

While JetBlue CEO David Barger was in Worcester discussing the possibility of bringing a commercial airline back to the Commonwealth’s second largest city, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick was 50 miles away touring the Boston Ballet.

Instead, Lt. Governor Tim Murray took the lead in Worcester as Barger met with state and local officials, along with representatives from Massport, about JetBlue potentially flying out of the now empty Worcester Regional Airport. With Murray in Worcester, Patrick chaired a meeting of the Governor’s Council, usually Murray’s responsibility, back at the state house at noon, before touring the ballet at 1 pm.

Patrick’s Deputy Press Secretary Bonnie McGilpin says the choice was made because of Lt. Governor Murray’s involvement in transportation issues, and his deep ties to the City of Worcester.

4. Margery Eagan says that without the right to murder children there is no freedom

What Todd Aiken said was ignorant and wrong, but that doesn’t mean that what Margery Eagan, whom I respect immensely, just wrote in the Boston Herald isn’t as idiotic.  It’s at the end of her column you can read here.

The problem is he supports a ticket that would turn the clock back to the 1950s on women’s reproductive rights. And his win could tilt the majority in the Senate, now slimly held by Democrats, to increasingly troglodyte Republicans. That’s a frightening thought for women who understand that without reproductive freedom, they have no freedom, period.

When did the right to murder another human being become a basic human right?

5. Hurricane forcast for start of RNC in Tampa

If you are going down to the RNC be safe.  There is a Hurricane forecast to hit Florida at the start of the Convention.  You can read about it here.

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