Five Things you should know today August 2, 2012

1. Red Mass Group unlocks secret to increased website traffic

Red Mass Group has unlocked the secret to boosting your website traffic.  It doesn’t involve SEO optimization, great content, a marketing plan or any of the other traditional methods.  Nope all you need to do is put pictures of nuns waiting in line to buy sub-par chicken sandwiches.  Don’t believe me?  here take a look.

2. Grace Ross unhappy with provisions in the “Clean up Deval Patrick’s Mess” – Foreclosure Bill

Grace Ross is upset at at provision in the Foreclosure Bill, better known as the “Governor Patrick Uses Government To Fix His Sub-Prime Mess Act”.  According to State House News Service:

he language says that third-party buyers will “be immune from any liability” when they buy foreclosed property even in cases where the foreclosure was improperly handled because the foreclosing entity did not hold the note for the property, according to Jason Stephany, of MassUniting, a liberal activist group. Even if the foreclosure was improper in that way, the third-party buyer would get to keep the property as long as the foreclosing entity files an affidavit that says it has complied with the law.

“The affidavit could be a lie,” said Grace Ross, a former Green-Rainbow candidate for governor. “You go to court; you prove that it was a lie; you still can’t get your home back.”

3. With Sessions over, the daily State House Schedule resembles July 4th Week

With the end of formal sessions, the Daily State House Schedule, emailed by the State House News Service is beginning to look like the ones from the week of July 4th.  Empty…

4. Citizen Watchdog Training with Ryan Fattman

Ryan Fattman attended the Citizen Watchdog training to give media advice last month.  The Democratic Party is taking his words out of context to renew attacks on him.  Here is the whole video of his appearance along with that of Chip Faulkner and Frank Conte.  Note, it’s funny Kevin Franck didn’t cut a video where Ryan talks about the three former indicted speakers…

5. Speaking of the Democratic Party, do they really want to bring up rape and abuse of women?

So Kevin Franck wants to make hay about Ryan Fattman’s inartful way with words, but we hear nary a word from them, when one of Deval Patrick’s “close” aides is accused of raping a 15 year old boy in a steam room.  A boy he later settled with for what the boy’s attorney called ten times the annual salary of an average American.  

We also hear nothing from Kevin Franck, the spokesman of the Democratic Party, when State Representative Carlos Henriquez is arrested for alelgedly beating his girlfriend in a early morning ride.

We also heard nothing from the Massachusetts Democratic Party when Jimmy Marzilli was caught groping women, by the way less than 100 feet from my mother’s place of employment, at lunch in a public place in Lowell.  

Really Kevin, you want to have a discussion on Rape and violence towards women.  Why don’t you look at the members of your own party first.

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