Elizabeth Warren needs to sever her ties to convicted inside traders

Yesterday we leared, that Elizabeth Warren’s daughter is leading a, George Soros funded, organization that successfully sued to force the state to mail voter registration forms to welfare recipients.  It is just one of the pieces of help that Elizabeth Warren has received from the convicted inside trader and leading financier.  

This is just another example where Warren talks a good game, but throws her so called convictions out the window when it suits her political aims.  She’s against sub-prime mortgages but accepts the help of a board member of one of the worst sub-prime mortgage lenders to strike a mortal blow to her primary opponent.  She says she’s against people who game the system, yet she has a fundraiser hosted by a convicted inside trader, and person widely thought to have almost, single-handedly, destroyed the British economy.

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If Warren wants to be consistent she should return every dollar she raised at the above fundraiser.   She has called for Scott Brown to return donations of people that are not accused of wrongdoing, merely because of the company they worked for.  Certainly, she is tainted by donations from a convicted inside trader. o

Elizabeth Warren, in order to save any shred of credibility she has left, needs to disavow herself of her ties to convicted inside trader George Soros.

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