Elizabeth Warren Supporters dismiss Scott Brown Democrats as ‘PHONIES’.

Editorial Note: It was a member of the Worcester Democratic City Committee that said that Konnie Lukes was a phony. Not Elizabeth Warren

A few days ago I wrote of all the prominent democrats that have come out in full support of US Senator Scott Brown.  Among them are notable Mayors, State Reps and numerous local officials.  Read it here.

Today, the Elizabeth Warren campaign is calling ALL of these people ‘PHONIES’.

This shows a number of things about the Elizabeth Warren campaign.  First, it is desperate.  A campaign is desperate when a handful (albeit growing) of former party leaders gets up and walks across the aisle to stand with the Democrat Party’s opponent.  It shows the Democrat party has strayed too far to the left and is acting in a purely political and selfish way.  These Democrat politicians now supporting Brown have been prominent figures across the state for a number of years.  Mayor Ray Flynn was one of the most respected Boston Mayors and later served as an Ambassador to the Vatican.  Perhaps this is one more attempt to alienate the Catholics among us.  

The second thing it shows is the partisan anger of the Elizabeth Warren campaign and the far left progressives.  They really hate Republicans.  It is an evil kind of hate.  This is evidenced by the fact that as soon as anyone, even a one time Democrat politician, looks across the aisle, they will be demonized, punished and diminished.  Are the Elizabeth Warren supporters so angry that they are willing to throw their own under the bus?  There is something really wrong with this.

Elizabeth Warren will have a hard time trying to demonize US Seantor Scott Brown.  He has earned a reputation as someone who is independent thinking and willing to work across the aisle for progress.  I personally like Brown even though he votes the way I want about half the time.  But I will take half the time over never any day of the week.  The Democrats on the other hand, who hold every other US Senate and US Representative seat from the state are not happy.  They want no Republicans serving from Massachusetts.  This ‘all or nothing’ philosophy only serves to polarize the federal government and reinforce the idea that Massachusetts is not at all a state willing to be open minded, or willing to put partisanship aside for the sake of the middle class and business community.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the fact that Elizabeth Warren’s own campaign supporters are out ‘intentionally’ demonizing her opponents Democrat supporters shows her lack of leadership ability.  ‘Name calling’ is never a leadership quality.  ‘Demonizing’ is not a leadership quality.  The ability to communicate in a civil manner; the ability to hear opposing views, the ability to work to common ground, the ability to incorporate other’s ideas ARE characteristics of leadership.  Scott Brown shows those leaderships traits – Warren does NOT.

I think the Elizabeth Warren campaign owes the many Democrats that support Scott Brown an apology.  I won’t hold my breath…

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