Democrat Jim Miceli gives passionate plea to vote against “Soviet Style” health payment reform

It took a Democrat, Jim Miceli of Wilmington, to give the most impassioned speech against, what the Boston Business Journal termed, “Soviet style” health cost control legislation.  While the Republican leadership of the house was suggesting that their members vote for the legislation, Miceli lead the charge of the conservative wing of the house.   Here is the video of the speech.

18 Republicans joined Miceli in voting against the legislation.  On the day that Governor Deval Patrick signed the legislation, Moody’s set a negative credit outlook on every hospital in the Commonwealth.  

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  • Miceli said NOTHING for 7 minutes……except that he’s too friggin slow to read 342 pages of a bill and wants to kick it down the road to next session where it can be tweaked to his liking.

    Don’t ever think Miceli is anything but a big government Massachusetts lefty.