Childs goes wild!

In last nights NECN MA-4 R primary debate (2 down, 2 to go) the conventional wisdom takeaway is that “all the candidates agreed on everything”.  For those of you who were dying to see a debate and/or accusing Sean of ducking debates, I hope you caught it.  

Childs was this time able to contain her obsession with Sean’s job, on which she spent more time than anything else in the first debate.  (Nice aisle-crossing post partisanship there, Beth, way to focus on the issues!)  

BUT!  But, but, but, she must have been really kicking herself for squandering the opportunity to squawk during the debate this time and so immediately after the debate she went absolutely nuts again on Sean about his job, and WBUR got it all on tape:

Childs goes wild!

Childs is furious that Sean makes (by her calculation) $250K a year, and is sure that something fishy is up since he is a candidate and holding down this job at the same time.  Never mind the family to support, long hours, history of success in business, etc.  No one who “runs a website” should make that much.  (gee I hope she doesn’t find out about that Zuckerberg kid)

Of course Childs won’t say WHAT she thinks is going on, so we are left to wonder what exactly she is wondering.  Could it be the shrink needs a shrink?

Truth is, one of two things, or probably both:

1. Childs is getting HAMMERED (/ E. Warren voice) in this race and is absolutely desperate to find something to turn it around

2.  Childs really is, in her heart and soul, a progressive Democrat. Even by her own logic, she only switched to R because she lost faith in unions and “cares about the deficit” (as if a D can’t do the latter).  Sounds to me like she opened her eyes to unions, is about all.  That and, when she got in, Barney was still presumed in the race so she had to go SOMEWHERE to run, right?  Anyway I think what really happens with her is she hears “small business” “entrepreneur” and she thinks “shady” and then she calculates $250 grand and she just goes bananas.  There just isn’t much that progressives hate more than people who make $250K a year.

Look, Sean has apparently had this job since way before he was a candidate, perhaps even since Childs was a Democrat.  So what’s the big deal?  I’ll tell you what it is:  progressives cannot stand people who go out and create wealth.  The government is supposed to do that.

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