Breaking: Twila Barnes exposes Elizabeth Warren’s elopement story as FALSE

(Ah I get it the elopement story was a Hypothetical. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Our favorite blogger and TRUE native American, Twila Barnes, has revealed in her latest blog posting that she has researched Elizabeth Warren’s story of her parent’s elopement, and it is false. The story is carried through Legal Insurrection:  This story includes actual evidence and pictures as proof.

As you may remember, Elizabeth Warren claimed that her parent’s eloped due to her father’s family hatred of the Cherokee people.  In fact, Warren claims the family tensions lasted for years.  Well, Twila Barnes has now researched the claim and determined it is false.  In fact, Elizabeth Warren’s parents were married at a nearby church with a prominent Pastor.  The witness to the cermeony was a close friend of Elizabeth’s mother, and immediately after the ceremony they returned home and announced their marriage to everyone – including a nice writeup in the local paper.  

Not exactly how one would describe an elopment.  I always pictured a couple eloping by throwing a ladder against the side of the house and sneaking out in the middle of the night, not to be seen for months.  Instead, Elizabeth Warren style elopments include a wedding annoucement, a write up in the paper and a gathering to celebrate.  

Now remember, she (Elizabeth Warren) said they eloped as part of her defense to her claim of being 1/32 Cherokee, which can not be proven by Warren or anyone else related to her.  She claimed her parent’s eloped because her mother was part Cherokee and Delaware Indian.  So if there was no elopement, does that mean the mother was not Indian?  I would say YES!

Please read the article at Legal Insurrection here as it includes actual photgraphs of the marriage license and the write up in the local paper.  These photos are called evidence, which is something Elizabeth Warren has failed to produce for any of her claims to Native American ancestry.  

Twila wraps up the story nicely with this quote:

If Ms. Warren’s parents eloped due to her mother being “Cherokee and Delaware” and it was such a disgrace, why did they rush back to Wetumka the same day they  were married and proudly announce it to everyone? If there was shame associated  with the marriage and it caused so many problems, why was it happily announced  in the local paper and why did the town seem to celebrate the marriage of the  two popular young people? Though a surprise to their friends, the excitement and  happiness that seemed to show in the announcement makes one think it may have  been a small ceremony typical during the Great Depression.

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