Boston Herald says Kevin Franck and John Walsh committ “new low” in campaigning

The Boston Herald gave the leader of the most corrupt political organization in the country, the Massachusetts Democratic Party, the front page treatment today.  Calling the website, put together by John Walsh, Chairman, and Kevin Franck, communications director, a new low in campaigning.  The website attacks Richard Tisei for things his parents allegedly did, and were never charged for.

Smearing someone’s family is about as low as it gets in politics, but Massachusetts Democrats are setting a new standard in sliminess.

The party’s new website targeting Republican congressional candidate Richard Tisei claims to show his family’s “web of fraud and deceit,” but all it really shows is how dirty the Democrats are willing to get to win an election.

Tisei’s parents, including his deceased father, Ralph, were never charged with any crime, and Tisei himself has never been accused of wrongdoing. But those inconvenient facts don’t seem to matter to Democrats and U.S. Rep. John Tierney.

Franck and Walsh have never been fans of the truth.  Remember they tried to gin up charges that Paul Ferro, and the Marlborough Republican City Committee illegally coordinated campaign activity.  Charges that were thrown out by the Office of Campaign and Political finance.

As we get closer to possible indictments in the probation/ alleged jobs for speakership scandal, expect the Walsh-Frank shiny ball attacks to ratchet up.

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