Why We Need a Candidate for Every Seat – 5th Suffolk Edition

Every election there is discussion from the fine folks down on Merrimack Street about how the MassGOP cannot support candidates in districts that they have no reasonable chance to win.  This leads to seats being unchallenged and incumbents building up a war chest to fight off any future challenger.

But every once in a while, and lately with alarming frequency, something happens that demonstrates why having a challenger for every seat is important.

Today we have the news about State Representative Carlos Henriquez who has been charged with a series of serious allegations based on an alleged early morning encounter with a woman: http://www.bostonherald.com/ne…

Police charged Henriquez with domestic assault and battery and domestic kidnapping, Kinneally said.

Yet, it looks like there is no one on the ballot to challenge Rep. Henriquez.

So I put this to the folks at RMG and MassGOP:

When will MassGOP stop focusing on just the lower hanging fruit and focus on building a party and running people in every race in case something like the events of early this morning with Rep Henriquez occur?

When will we have party leadership that is more concerned with building a strong state party to support ALL candidates rather than seeing what type of job they can get if Mitt Romney becomes President?

Some of these are questions best suited for after Nov 6th, but I would urge everyone to start thinking what needs to change to get MassGOP moving forward and building a real party rather than having a party designed to see what jobs they can get.

In the meantime, I hope MassGOP and the State Committee are working on a plan to get a candidate enough write in votes to be on the ballot for 5th Suffolk.  Its now a longshot, but it did not need to be.

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