What today’s job numbers mean for Boston.

The Washington Post is reporting today’s newly released jobs numbers for the month of June.  If you thought the number might be 500K, which is what the country needs to show it is back on track you would have guessed too high.  If you cut the number in half to 250K you would still have guessed to high!  If you cut the number in half again to 125K you would still be too high!!  If you thought the number would be 100K, which is the barest minimum to sustain the current unemployment rate – you would yet again be too high!!!  The economy under Barack Obama has created just 80,000 jobs across the entire nation.  

For the sake of my analysis, I will put aside the fact that these numbers have been corrected downward a week later every month for the last 3 years.

I thought I might see what that means for the city of Boston, which is getting ready to overwhelmingly re elect this buffoon incumbant President.  So here goes:

The country has 2,959,064 square miles of land, which means Obama created (if he is at all responsible for job creation) 1 job for every 37 square miles of space in our country.  Boston has 48.43 square miles of space, which means Boston was the recipient of a massive 1.308 new jobs for the month of June 2012.  

If instead of looking at Boston’s gains by square miles you would rather compare it by population then Boston has 617,594 people living in it.  The country picked up 1 new job for every 3,847 people.  With Boston’s current population that means it saw 160 new jobs created for June 2012.  Considering that Boston’s population growth, if about .3% annually would require news job of 154 per month just to sustain the current unemployment rate.  In other words – Boston gained nothing!  Oopps, sorry, they gained 6 jobs!  Give credit where credit is due.

These jobs numbers are horrible!  They indicate that, regardless of however the Obama administration, and Patrick administraion candy-coat the numbers, the country is not creating jobs and not getting healthier economically.

Obama will likely suggest that this is because the hole BUSH dug was deeper still than even he expected.  Or job creators were disengaged due to the Republican push on the Supreme Court to kill Obamacare.  Or more money, perhaps as high as a trillion dollars, needs to be spent to save public union jobs.  Or the heat scorching the heartland, which no doubt is caused by Global Warming deniers, is the problem.  Whatever he suggests it will certanly NOT be ‘I, the President of the United States, should be held accountable for any of this”.

And so it goes, day-after-day, and month-after-month, and ‘summer of recovery’ after ‘summer of recovery’, and year-after-year.  How awful it must feel for those among us who lost their jobs 3 or 4 years ago and have never been able to find decent work again.  Many will never be able to re enter the job market at a level commensurate with their experience or salary history due to an absence from the job market of 3 or 4 years.  Those people are finished.  They have learned to live with less and depend on government for what they eat, and where they live and when they can get medical care.  Thanks to Obama a generation of workers has been retired prematurely from the workplace.

Is this really the HOPE and CHANGE we wanted in Obama?  Do Democrats never feel ‘Buyers remorse’ such that they would demand better, or ask for someone new to take the controls from this President?  If Obama will never admit he can’t figure this out, shouldn’t the Democrat Party at least be adult enough to say it for him?  Is the best they can do really to keep Obama doing what he’s doing?  

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