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State education leaders have an historic opportunity to impact the lives of thousands of schoolchildren in the struggling City of Lawrence, home to some of the state’s lowest performing schools, where, as a Boston Globe editorial notes, fewer than half of students graduate from high school in four years. What can we do to help give these children access to high-quality educational opportunities? Read more here.

The Massachusetts Legislature is about to vote on what has been called health care payment reform, but in reality does nothing to address spiraling costs. In this weekend's MetroWest Daily News, Pioneer's Josh Archambault and our summer intern Jackson Chabot call on Mass. lawmakers preparing to vote on health cost control legislation to reject the bill and its dangerous provisions, such as Determination of Need, “an outdated, bureaucratic process, whereby central planners decide who gets to build what medical infrastructure, when and where.”

In Sunday's Lowell Sun, Josh wrote that Mass. citizens deserve better than the 'Facebook Policymaking' that we're seeing on Beacon Hill, where they pass legislation with huge implications without even debating it or getting a cost estimate. Hardly anyone seems to realize that through this bill, “a mega agency is created and given tremendous control over how our health-care system will be set up and the method by which medical professionals will be paid. This bureaucracy will control what facilities get built where, why and when…This is ripe for political influence and future lawsuits, adding cost to our health-care system.”

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Storms Brewin'

Seems Governor Patrick just can't get enough of bloated government. His new education task force sets up “a state bureaucracy that grows even as public-school enrollment shrinks.” Read all about it in Pioneer op-eds published here, here, here, here and here.

Josh Archambault also warns about a new “mega-agency” set up by Massachusetts' health-care cost-containment bills making their way through conference committee. In the Boston Herald and on the Jeff Katz Show this week, he noted that the bills also burden consumers with hundreds of millions in new fees.

This week, we announced the departure of longtime Pioneer Research Director Steve Poftak. We are very grateful for the excellent work Steve did for us, and we wish him well as the new Executive Director of the Rappaport Institute. Read our press release.

Join us Tuesday, July 31st, for a breakfast forum featuring Lawrence Public Schools Superintendent Jeffrey Riley and a distinguished panel to discuss ways to increase high-quality options for Lawrence's schoolchildren. RSVP by next Tuesday to bpatterson at

Look out, MIT! Jim Stergios Explores a New Source of Rivalry Between New York and Boston: Tech Schools 

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This Week at Pioneer

Pioneer's Josh Archambault on Fox News

Click the box above to watch Pioneer Health Care Policy Director Josh Archambault on Fox News discussing what is next for health care. Josh talked about alternatives to ObamaCare, including refundable tax credits that would help the uninsured afford health care, and eliminating the current bias in the tax code favoring large businesses. Josh said that this approach gets us closer to universal coverage than ObamaCare does. This allows 50 million individuals who are currently uninsured to go out and purchase their own insurance in a competitive market. Josh was in today's Christian Science Monitor and the Health Care Blog assessing how the individual mandate has worked in Massachusetts. And last week, he was on Fox Business News with Stuart Varney: New Health-Care Law a Political Win for Obama?

In today's Worcester Telegram & Gazette, Jamie Gass and Charlie Chieppo take on the Mass. Board of Ed's latest task force, “Integrating College and Career Readiness,” which would make academics share equal time with “workplace readiness” and “personal and social development,” and build a bigger state education bureaucracy even as public school enrollment shrinks. Read it here.

Are teachers themselves beginning to embrace reforms like that their unions have traditionally opposed? Jim Stergios sees some promising signs. Earlier this week, Jim asked, where's the accountability for Innovation Schools, the in-district reform model that Mass. Ed Secretary Reville put so much stock in back in 2010. 


Listen to Pioneer's Jamie Gass on the Rod Arquette Show in Utah, on Why More States are Rethinking Adoption of Common Core: “This is really ObamaCare for K-12 Education.”Jim Stergios has called the crisis of the Lawrence Public Schools (now in state receivership) Massachusetts' “Katrina” Moment, recognizing that Lawrence's 13,000 schoolchildren need innovative approaches, and more high-quality educational options – now. State education leaders have the potential to transform the lives of these children, rather than sticking with the status quo. Pioneer is holding a breakfast event on July 31st on the Lawrence school reforms and school choice, featuring Jeffrey Riley, Lawrence Superintendent, and a distinguished panel of education leaders. Please join us for this historic opportunity to make an impact. Click here for details and RSVP by emailing bpatterson at 

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