By:  Edward P. Shallow                    

Remember the object of the liberal establishment in conjunction with the Communist party of America and their ally, the ACLU is to destroy American culture to convert, America into the Socialist States of America, This is Obama’s objective and has been since he was elected…

To achieve their goal it is essential to demean, i.e.; debase, humiliate, and shame the American family because it has been the root and foundation of America’s great achievements inherited from our founding fathers…

Words of wisdom from Alliance Defense Fund:  As you  read this, the Obama Administration  is combining  the full weight  of the federal government,  coupled  with the ongoing  efforts  of the  American Civil Liberties Union ( ACLU ) and its allies, to unleash  the worst attacks  yet on your  religious  liberty, the sanctity  of life and  marriage and family,  

What if you could only live out your religious convictions in the privacy of your home or church?

That’s exactly what the Obama Administration and its allies like the ACLU want.  Then your moral values won’t interfere with their radical agenda — from abortion to same-sex “marriage” to denying Christians the freedom to live out our faith.

We must take a strong stand now to fight and win battles in defense of:  

                Our religious liberty

                 The sanctity of life

                 Marriage and family

We the people are obligated to demand:  President Obama, end this war on religious freedom!

Or better yet, we the faithful should bring to a conclusion, the rein of the dictator by electing Mitt Romney to the presidency and give him a Republic Congress to end the attacks on religion and to restore the economy.  

This message from Catholic Vote 2012 from His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI –

“It is  imperative tha the entire Catholic  community  in the United States  come to realize  the grave  threats  to the Church’s  public  moral  witness  presented  by a radical  secularism  which  finds  increasing  expression  in the political  and cultural  spheres.”

In an other show of arrogance, Phyllis Schlafly advises. Who does President Obama think that he can change the wording of the Declaration of Independence?  Again and again he presumes  to quote  the great  Declaration  while  making  significant  change:  he omits  the word “Creator.”

Americans  know  that the  Declaration  of Independence  proclaims  as a matter of fact that they “are  endowed  by their  Creator with certain  unalienable  rights.”  But when Obama recites this line, he omits the word “Creator.”

Obama has done this so often that it can’t be a slip of the tongue or a glitch of the teleprompter.  Changing  the words  of the Declaration  of Independence  is part  of Obama’s  determination  to remove  everything  religious  and every mention  of God  from  every aspect  of our public  life in order  to  fundamentally  transform  us from  “one nation under  God”  into one nation  under  the Federal Government, especially the executive branch,  with no higher power  recognized.

President Obama   is anathema to God and the United States of America.

In 1947 The Freedom Train, carrying the most precious cargo in history, the treasured documents of our American Heritage, traveled throughout the United States.

The train visited major cities of our country and was viewed by millions of enthusiastic Americans.  The purpose:

To  persuade  all Americans  that only by active  personal  participation in the affairs  of the nation can we safeguard  and preserve  our liberties  and  continue  to demonstrate  to ourselves  and to the world that the way of free men is best.

Now many years later, the Freedom Train no longer travels throughout our country. But its inspiration and its message are certainly at least as important today as then.  Americans cannot take for granted our Heritage or Freedom.  Americans cannot casually accept it as a gift from our forefathers without making every possible personal effort to preserve it.

And we must never forget that today, as always, this vital truth, as expressed in the slogan of the Freedom Train:

                           FREEDOM IS EVERYBODY’S JOB!

                            THOMAS D’ARCY BROPHY

                             The American Heritage Foundation (1947)


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