Sunday thoughts, July 1, 2012

Happy Canada Day!

As one of two internet savvy dual citizen conservatives in Massachusetts let me say Happy Canada Day to the other, Rob Willington.  So do yourself a favor, find a place that sells poutine and crack open a Moosehead and raise a toast to our noble Queen.

Transparent budgeting

Never mind that an independent authority gave the Commonwealth an F for transparency in the state budget process, Minority Leader Brad Jones says all is well.  In a statement released on Thursday Jones hailed the legislature’s commitment to government transparency.  I thought that I remembered most of the budget being crafted in secret, and amendment process being particularly egregious. But hey I guess I was wrong.  Everything is great.  

Nancy Pelosi says GOP is doing the bidding of the Health Insurers.

Nancy Pelosi again said a head-scratcher today on Meet the Press.  Apparently, we Republicans are the new spokespeople for the health insurance industry.  I mean it was the GOP that taxed people who don’t buy the health insurance industry’s products, right?  Oh wait that was Nancy Pelosi that did that?

Massachusetts Internet Opinion Equalization Act

Given the Roberts opinion I’m looking for a House sponsor for my new bill, “An act relative to making political opinion equal on the internet in Massachusetts.”  Since as we know Massachusetts has a plethora of progressive punditry on the internet (like the alliteration?), it is necessary to force the masses to support the other side.  Therefore it shall be the law that every resident of the Commonwealth shall become a “member” of Red Mass Group at an annual membership of $10.  If they don’t the Commonwealth will tax them $100.  Imagine what I could do with $60M a year!

Bathroom bill goes into effect today

Boy those out of state tourists coming in for OP Sail 2012 will be in for a rude shock when they see men coming out of women’s bathrooms today.  As of today it is no longer illegal for a man to use a ladies room.  Or vice-versa.

Jim Lyons is too kind

While some on the right consider Red Mass Group to be a “RINO Blog”, the defacto leader of the Conservative Movement in Massachusetts on Friday called Red Mass Group the “Conservative Conscience of Massachusetts on the internet.”  

What are you reading, seeing this Sunday.  Let us know..

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