Speaker DeLeo will face an opponent in his district: Paul Caruccio

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No doubt he faces an uphill battle in a Democratic dominated district (Winthrop-Revere) but local businessman Paul Caruccio is stepping up for the GOP. He deserves a lot of credit and support.

Moreover, he’s running on a couple of local issues: the conditions of local beaches and the proposed new casino at Suffolk Downs. Caruccio is opposed, a rather refreshing position given the well-funded support for gambling in the Commonwealth. Believe or not, DeLeo is vulnerable on those issues if voters pay attention.

Mr. Caruccio is planning to run a civil campaign.

Caruccio, who plans to begin knocking on doors shortly, said his campaign will highlight his business experience.

“I’ve been a small business owner for about 31 years,” said Caruccio, a past president of the Winthrop Chamber of Commerce.  “I know what it takes to get the job done. I know what it’s like to hire people, to employ them. I know what it’s like sometimes when you have less income to work with. . . I understand common sense.”

Of his challenge to DeLeo, he said: “This isn’t personal. I happen to like Bob. In fact I consider Bob a friend,” Caruccio said. “But he votes differently on most of the issues.”

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