Rep. Bill Keating Votes Against Audit the Fed Bill, Sparks Backlash

John McKenna

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Massachusetts Democratic Representative Bill Keating voted against requiring the Federal Reserve to undergo a transparency audit.  Christopher Sheldon, and Adam Chapareles, who are running in the Republican Primary for the chance to unseat Keating, immediately attacked his vote. Yesterday, the House of Representatives voted to Audit the Federal Reserve by an overwhelming margin, 327-98. The legislation, long championed by Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), is the crowning achievement of his tenure in Congress, which is set to end at the end of the term,

Sheldon criticized the representative for ” voting against the people of his district, and instead siding with his party’s leadership and for more business as usual in Washington, D.C.”  “In these times of financial hardship, no government agency should be above scrutiny.  An independent entity operating in secret, such as the Federal Reserve, lacks accountability and flies in the face of the American public’s desire to have a more transparent government,” Sheldon continued.

Chapareles also criticized Keating for not supporting “our right to know where our tax dollars are being spent or how they are being manipulated or wasted.”

“As usual, Bill Keating put his allegiance to his political party ahead of the best interests of Massachusetts families. And, as usual, he did so because he doesn’t believe he will be held accountable,” he continued in a statement to RMG News.

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Brad Wyatt, a long time Liberty Activist in Massachusetts was “very excited to see the House overwhelming support the bipartisan Audit the Fed bill,” and urged the Senate to pass the bill once it reaches the Senate floor:

“Those Senators that vote against real financial reform will need to…defend their bailouts of big banks and foreign countries over the American taxpayer,” he said about some members of the Senate that may not vote for the bill.

Former Republican Congressman, and current MassGOP Deputy Chairman, Peter Blute praised the bill’s passage as an example of government transparency at work, but criticized the six Massachusetts congressmen, including Keating, who voted against the bill.

“Transparency at every level of government is an absolute necessity,” said Blute.  “The fact that this bill was passed with bipartisan support is a positive harbinger that giving taxpayers an honest look at where their money goes is not completely lost within the Democratic Party as it appears to be within the ruling party here on Beacon Hill.”

Efforts were made to contact Representative Keating’s office as well as his primary opponent Sam Sutter. None of those candidates returned a call for comment.

UPDATE: In an earlier version, we said Chapareles couldn’t be reached for comment, he responded to our inquiry on Saturday as this went to print.

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