Races Around the State: Greater Boston

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Our next leg of our trip around the state takes us to the capital city: Boston. While this may be the political and economic capital of our Commonwealth, it is Democratic up and down the ticket. Due to the fact that there are no Republicans at all running in the races we analyzed, we will bring you the few races that have competitive Democratic primaries, including one that may oust the incumbent if things go well for the challengers.

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Congressional Races

Greater Boston is represented by two congressmen: Michael Capuano and Stephen Lynch. Capuano represents the majority of Boston, while Lynch represents South Boston. Capuano is running unopposed in the 7th congressional district, but Lynch will face a Republican challenger this November in the 8th congressional district. We will give you a full review of the race for Lynch’s seat later this week when we look at the South Shore, where most of his district is located.

State Senate Races

Second Suffolk: State Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz was elected to replace disgraced Democrat Dianne Wilkerson in 2008, and will face only a nominal challenger in perennial candidate Roy Owens.

Finances: Chang-Diaz: $78,730.91, Owens: N/A

State House Races

Seventh Suffolk: This is, at face value, the most competitive race in Boston, as Representative Gloria Fox faces two challengers in the Democratic primary: Rufus Faulk and Jed Hresko. Fox is the favorite, but she may have to work to keep her job in this cycle if her opponents can avoid fighting amongst themselves and actually launch a credible challenge. Fox doesn’t have much of a campaign account, a small detail that may hurt her if either Hresko or Faulk can gain enough steam with voters.

2010 Governor’s Race: Patrick (D): 91%, Baker (R): 6%

Finances: Fox: $626.40, Hresko: $153.91, Faulk: N/A

Fourteenth Suffolk: Representative Angelo Scaccia has been under some ethics trouble recently, and will be facing a primary challenge in Anthony Solimine, but it appears that Scaccia will pull this one out despite both hurdles.

2010 Governor’s Race: Patrick (D): 75%, Baker (R): 22%

Finances: Scaccia: $51,771.79, Solimine: N/A

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