Palace Intrigue: Does Brian Dempsey have enough votes to be the next Speaker?

Old friend eb3-fka-ernie-boch-iii over at Blue Mass Group is at it again.  You may remember that it was Ernie who first alerted us over a month ago that the grand jury was heating up in Worcester anew.  This time Ernie has the story that Brian Dempsey has all but locked up the Speaker’s chair if the Warlock of Winthrop Bob DeLeo has to step down.  

In a blog post last Friday, the ever prescient Boch 3.0, no doubt knowing a Globe story was breaking this weekend, started pontificating on the behind the scenes action for the speakers race.  

Right now Dempsey has the votes to be speaker. People have committed to him without being asked. Mariano, as majority leader, is making sure members are taken care of while Dempsey handles the budget. As BMgers know, Mariano is the kingmaker and has had a band of merrymen with him for years.

I wonder if the speaker knows how Sonny Corleone like Mike Moran has been acting around town. MIke is currently in leadership but will move way way up when Dempsey takes the gavel. Nothing wrong with that. But Moran is acting like legendary speaker John “The Iron Duke” Thompson.

He don’t need no Bob DeLeo and he doesn’t care who knows.

The whole post is worth a read.  The guys over at Blue Mass Group rarely know what gold they have in the fake Boch.  They rarely front page his really good posts…

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