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                        NO MORE MR. NICE GUY MITT

                                     By:  Edward P.  Shallow

The irascible Leo Durocher said, I come to win.  I never did say that you can’t win.  I said  that if I was playing  third base  and my mother  rounded  third  with  the winning run, I’d  trip her up.  Nice guys finish last.

I urge Mitt to aspire to Leo’s ideals of the spirit to win. At all costs.

There is an immediate need for Mitt to show anger when Obama lies about his very successful achievements at Bain Capital; Throw a few punches Mitt you will be pleased at the results.

It is interesting to note Massachusetts Attorney General, Martha Coakley a democrat, no supporter of Mitt Romney made the statement on Fox 25, July 5,”Romney Care works in Massachusetts.” It confirms Romney’s conviction Health Care is an issue for the various states to solve.

I am aware that Obama will push treaties through Congress that will prohibit U. S.  Exportation of hand guns and small arms to other countries.  (Back door gun control)  In past articles I reported “Fast and Furious” was to be the bait against the Second Amendment.

It is with a heavy heart I report the coup de grace the blow that will kill America’s health care and devastate the taxpayers of the nation.  

Obamacare  raises taxes  and adds  17 new taxes  that will affect  all Americans  and will heavily  impact  the middle class  the most.  The Wall Street Journal revealed that 75% will be paid for by families making under $120,000 – so much for Obama’s promise to not raise taxes on the middle class.

The unemployment figures are just in for this period.  As of this writing 23 million Americans are unemployed or under employed – the true rate when all categories are included is 14%.

Given the fact many American citizens are unaware that the tabulating of our votes has been outsourced to a company in Barcelona, Spain. – For the edification of readers, not one network on television has reported this fact, not even Fox. The same is true with the print media.

It is imperative that Romney and the Republican Party determine who authorized  outsourcing the tabulating of our sacred votes to an overseas company.  I am aware no errors will be detected and these people will know the election results before the American people. It is my contention the whole scheme was devised to guarantee the reelection of Obama.  Reason, a top official of the company was a major contributor to the Obama campaign.

Mitt go on the attack using the facts  mentioed herein, all are varifiable,  The American people will  be grateful and your ratings will zoom to the top.


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