Menino: Will you close the Islamic Cultural Center?

(A very good question – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

In the recent brouhaha over Menino vs Chick-fil-a – and important distinction has come to light, Menino is not consistent. He won’t allow a Chick-fil-a because the owner doesn’t approve of gay marriage because of his Christian faith.  

Well, I guess we all knew that liberals don’t take their ‘values’ seriously and applies them equally, but this display by Menino takes the cake.  

Much has been written about the Islamic Cultural Center in Roxbury and the close ties Menino has to it’s leadership – see the Boston Pheonix.…

Menino bent over backwards to get the cultural center built and to be a cornerstone of that community.  No one has ever accused our good mayor of being ‘scholarly’ but it’s a pretty well known position of the Muslim faith that marriage is between a man and a woman.  In fact – I would assume that the Muslim faith (as well as Catholic and other religions) teach this and pass it along to others.  Yet, Menino doesn’t want to close down the cultural center.  

What is most troubling is in some ways how stuck in the 90’s Menino seems, it’s like he’s stuck in this time warp of political correctness – Christianity is bad – everyone else is good.  

For the record I just want to state that I think both Chick-fil-a and obviously the Muslim Cultural Center have a right to be in Boston – it’s the inconsistency from Menino that bothers me.  Talking bad about Muslims is bad PR and can get you into trouble, talking bad about bible-thumping Christians will help you seem progressive and defending the gay community.  It’s all a scam to Menino – and a way to win political points.  

Has anyone ever thought about the civil rights violations that Menino could endure if he actually stopped a business from opening because he doesn’t like the owners politics, talk about chilling.  

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