Majority of GOP Caucus votes against Health Care Price Control Conference Bill

You may remember that back in June only seven GOP representatives voted against cost controls in health care in the House.  Of the 26 representatives that voted for the original bill out of the House, 12 of them switched their vote as the conference committee vote came up for final passage.  In a 132-20- 4N/V vote the 19 GOP reps were joined by Jim Miceli of Wilmington in voting against the cost control legislation.  

Here is a copy of the roll call:

Joining the original seven of Adams, Bastien, Fattman, Kuros, Levy, Lomabardo and Lyons were the following.

Brad Hill – Matt Beaton – Nick Boldyga – Kevin Durant – Kim Ferguson – Susan Giffords – Sheila Harrington – Don Humason – Keiko Orrall – Todd Smola – Dan Webster and Dan Winslow.

Please contact them and thank them for their votes.

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