Internal Bielat Campaign Memo claims 56% primary lead

Update:  RMG asked the Bielat campaign to share their full poll data.  The campaign as provided us with that data.  It will be posted tomorrow.

In an internal campaign memo, obtained by Red Mass Group, Sean Bielat’s campaign team claims a recent poll shows them with a 56+ point lead over both Elizabeth Childs and David Steinhof in the Republican Primary for the Fourth Congressional District.  The poll, conducted by Precision Polling on July 25, 2012 for the Bielat Campaign is said to show Bielat at 59%+ and Childa and Steinhoff tied at approximately 3.5% with the remainder undecided.  

Q1:”If the Republican primary was held today, which candidate would you support?” Answers given in random order for each caller to avoid skewing the data: “Sean Bielat”, “Elizabeth Childs”, “David Steinhof”, “Undecided”.


• Bielat: 59.96%

• Childs: 3.57%

• Steinhof: 3.40%

• Undecided: 33.06%

The poll was conducted by calling 2010 primary voters, of which 1202 responded.  The results obtained by Red Mass Group do not conform to the standards set by the National Council on Public Polls for disclosure.  

The numbers obtained by Precision Polling are said, by the Bielat Campaign, to mirror the results of their phone banking operation.

The memo also goes on to explain Bielat’s apparent edge in fundraising and social media.  

Sean Bielat 7/25/2012 Poll

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