Governor Patrick ‘garaging’ logic

  Governor Patrick is trying to keep records away from the Boston Herald which would show when state officials and equally important perhaps, when visitors were in and out of the State House garage on Beacon Hill.…

What findings could be scaring Deval Patrick that a seemingly innocuous record like the the one the State House garage keeps?

Are there documented records showing chronic, embarrassing  short days, shortened weeks, no-shows, late night/ early morning inexplicable hours?

Perhaps the governor and his buddies up there don’t want their suspecting spouses to see certain names already on their radar showing up and leaving around the same times the ‘hard working’ pols do..late in the night.

 There are already documented news stories of alcohol, wild parties and frat house style romps in the stairwells and offices of the people’s property. None of this is coming from any wild imagination. These things did happen and could still.

 Who knows, but the conjecture is now fair since Patrick has attempted to block what ought to be a no-brainer public record. FOIA comes to mind. WHAT IS HE HIDING?

 Here is the hypocrisy: Governor Patrick has himself in 2009 and even recently through proxy, tried to drum up a bill that would slap a GPS on every taxpayer owned private vehicle which would monitor our every move. He is now stating publicly that he doesn’t think it is any damn business of the taxpayer to know when high ranking public employees and their guests arrive and depart from a most public building.

By the way, would someone remind the Governor that even the White House must reveal all visitor/official activity due to a Freedom of Information Act request.


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