Gosule: Governor Patrick is not going to sign Melissa’s bill but send it back with Amendment

Les Gosule just announced on WCRN AM 830’s DaTechGuy Radio Program, that Governor Patrick will not sign Melissa’s bill, but send it back with amendment.  The amendment will allow judges to “use discretion” with parole for third time offenders.  Virtually gutting the main provision of the bill.

Gosule was in studio as a guest of the earlier show “Conservatively Speaking”, hosted by Tom Wesley and John Weston.

The legislature only has two days left to override the governor’s amendment.  The governor then has 10 days to veto or sign the bill.  IF he vetoes there are no formal sessions left to override the veto.

Governor Patrick seems to be playing a game to run out the clock and not sign this legislation.

Video of Gosule’s announcement is below.

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