Globe puts the boots to Tierney

(We’ve been saying this for a while. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

In an extensive examination of the facts concerning Rep. John Tierney (D- Off Shore) and his connection to illegal gambling, the Boston Globe casts serious doubt on the congressman’s assertion that he had no reason to suspect illegal activity.  

But a Boston Globe review of court records and other publicly available information shows that John Tierney had ample reason to be wary of his brothers-in-law during his 15 years of marriage to their sister and many opportunities over the last decade to learn that their Antigua-based gambling business was illegally targeting American gamblers.  

In fact, John Tierney had reason to be suspicious from the day he married Patrice. At that point, Bob Eremian had fled to Antigua to escape federal prosecution for illegal sports book-making, and had recruited one of Patrice’s children, John Chew, to work with him. After a lengthy federal investigation, Bob Eremian pleaded guilty to tax evasion in the gambling case in 2002.…

Most damning is the account of Tierney’s vote in 2006 against a law to make it easier for prosecutors to enforce laws like the one which eventually led to the prosecution of his brother-in-law.  That is the same brother-in-law who paid Tierney’s wife $20,000 a year in “appreciation” for what she had done to help the family.      

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