Former MassGOP Chair Jim Rappaport Joins Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance

John McKenna

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Former MassGOP head Jim Rappaport has been announced as the new board member for the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance, a center-right non-profit that advocates for fiscal prudence and good governance. Rappaport was a US Senate candidate in 1990, and served as the head of the MassGOP from 1992 to 1997, during the time of the Weld Administration.

“I have always believed that it is important for all of us as individuals to become involved in the political process if we want to see any significant improvement in the quality of the lives of all citizens in our Commonwealth,” Rappaport said in a statement upon taking his position on the board.

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“Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance is honored to have the support and leadership of Jim Rappaport. Mr. Rappaport has both the political and the civic background that make him an outstanding addition to Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance, as we work to bring sound economic policies back to our government to give our middle class a chance to have a successful future for them and their families,” stated Paul D. Craney, Executive Director of Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance.

Rappaport outlined his vision of how Massachusetts can get back to being a competitive state with a strong economy, and a government that is accountable to the citizens:

“Massachusetts needs to become more economically competitive, if our neighbors and children are to have a better future.  We need more sunlight in our state government, how we hold our meetings and to how we create legislation and provide services. We need more fiscally responsible voices heard in these areas of public discourse.”

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