Five Things you should know, Today, July 6, 2012

1. RIP individual price stickers

Massachusetts lost one of the things that made it unique, oh and well anit-competitive yesterday.  That’s right it will soon no longer be illegal to not mark each and every item in a grocery store with a price sticker.  It is just going to be so hard to shop now, how do all the people in those other states do it?

2. Kum Bah Yah, Beacon Hill Edition

The love fest between the GOP leadership and the corrupt Democratic party on Beacon Hill continues.  This time in a piece in the Attleboro Sun.

There was a time when Statehouse Republicans could be counted on to vote against any budget proposed by the majority Democrats, but for the past two years the GOP has been partners in passing the annual spending plans.

The piece goes on to praise the Democrats for not raising taxes.  It’s not just the taxes, however, its the runaway spending.

3. Beacon Hill Skip Day

Skip Days aren’t just for Seniors anymore.  If the State House News Daily Schedule can be believed, today is Skip Day on Beacon Hill.  The Schedule lists one item on the schedule for today, in Washington DC no less.

4. Crash Murray to attend transportation bill signing

Speaking of the only event on the schedule.  LG Tim “Crash” Murray will be going to DC to attend an Obama signing ceremony.  What is Obama signing? That’s right a transportation bill.

5.  One week until Joe Sheehan returns

In one week, our good friend Joe Sheehan will return from National Guard Basic Training.  Specialist Sheehan has certainly missed an interesting 2.5 months.  Lets review what he’s missed:

When he went away, the Liberty Slate had just won a majority of the convention delegates.  Joe missed all the fun of loyalty oaths, and perjury proof affidavits.

When he went away we first found out Elizabeth Warren listed herself as Native American.  He’s gonna be surprised when he picks up the Herald next Saturday and it is still front page news.

When he left, 26 House Republicans hadn’t yet voted for price controls in health care.

What else have I missed that Joe has missed?  

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  • Republican Ram Rod Radio

    I’m printing and organizing it now though … it’s a pretty nice collection.  I’m going to Fed-Ex these binders over to Joe before the end of the week.  : )

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    and possibly lead to abuse….and certainly piss me off.

    I actually kinda like the idea that individual items were price marked.  It helped keep retailers honest.  It also helped people find bargains – and I like bargains..

    There are people that like to dig through the cans of soup on the store shelf to find the one marked with the old, lesser price.  It helped them save a few cents here and a few cents there.  The store still made its profit and the customer, if determined enough, might find a price break.

    That aside, what will happen now to the price of milk when a snow storm comes to town?  If the individual items are not price marked then they will be priced whatever the retailer wants!  A gallon of milk will go from $4.49 to $5.49 overnight depending upon the weather forecast.  The milk is a day older, but a dollar more.  I suppose it is their right to do so, but it sucks for customers because they won’t be able to hold the retailer to the price from a day or two ago.

    Or let me ask you this – doesn’t it piss you off good when you find an item in a store with a price sticker on top of another price sticker?  You peel off the top one to find out the retailer marked up the goods.  That pisses me off big time, and its generally when I throw the item back on the shelf and walk out.  Now I will never know if they marked the price up because there will be no sticker.  

    This could ultimately hurt retailers as it will force customers to be less ‘trusting’ of their favorite stores.  They will shop around because price becomes more important when it can be changed without warning.

    One last thought, what happens when you pick up that gallon of milk from the dairy section only to have it go up in price while you walk to the register?  It could happen, and likely will happen at some point.  

  • Thank you for your service.