Five Things you should know, Today, July 4, 2012

1.  Sparklers kill

Massachusetts is still one of only two states in the United States to ban that silent killer, the sparkler.  Remember, possessing sparklers is criminal, but you can smoke all the weed you want.  

2. We’re apparently the “smear machine”

David Bernstein of the Boston Phoenix has labeled me a certified member of the vast right wing smear machine.  Lumped in with, the FreeBeacon, and Legal Insurrection.  Apparently all of Elizabeth Warren’s issues are our fault.  Remember the new word for truth is “smear”.  Like remember saying that Barack Obama was a member of the Socialist New Party was a smear, until well it turned out to be the truth.

This brings me to my favorite quote of the late Andrew Breitbart, “The truth isn’t mean.  It’s just the truth.”

3.  John Tierney thought it was legal

According to a tweet from Glen Johnson, of the Boston Globe, John Tierney thought his in-laws illegal gambling operation was legal.  If that was true, why did he vote to make internet gambling legal.  Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

4. We Still Hold These Truths

236 years ago our country was founded on the principles of evident truths.  236 years later we still hold these truths.  This book lays them out.  

Featuring a foreword by bestselling author and popular talk radio host William J. Bennett,We Still Hold These Truthsis an inspiring and enlightening look at ten core principles that define our national creed-and that we must reclaim in order to put our country back on track.

5. Speaking of truths.  Arthur Fiedler Rocked.

Happy Fourth!

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  • bobneer

    Rob and all RMGers, including of course the ever-esteemed Garrett Quinn. May your cups runneth over with lemonade.

  • From a swamp yankee in Virginia.

  • …understand where he is coming from.

    Rob, you understand what you’re doing.  You take one sliver of truth and dress it up with half-truths, cite other smears conjured up by you fellow travelers and repeat, repeat and repeat until you take a normal person and distort them into a mean person that deserves being vilified.  That is what makes you a certified member of a smear machine.  

    To paraphrase your hero, Andrew Breitbart, you and Breitbart take small truths about people and use it to make them look mean.

    Breitbart’s sudden death never gave him an opportunity to reflect on the moral compass he was on, unlike like Lee Atwater.  Facing his mortality with a terminal diagnoses, Atwater reflected and began to understand the pain he caused with his negative approaches and had a chance to make amends with the people he falsely impugned.

    You still have a chance to reflect on your deeds Rob and judge what kind of person you want to be and what kind of person you want to be remembered as.  

    History will not look kindly of the likes of Andrew Breitbart, and will be far kinder to Lee Atwater.  It’s your choice Rob.

    Happy 4th of July.

  • And J.P. Sousa as well.

    Sousa marches and fife and drum corps.: All you need for the 4th.


    (birthday on the 5th)