Five Things you should know, Today, July 3, 2012

1. Greg Bialecki talks, inserts foot in mouth again

It really has to be hard, being the Baghdad Bob of the Patrick Administration when it comes to the economy. Yesterday Morning, according to the Boston Herald Greg Bialecki, in full cheerleader mode, said that business confidence is rising and we’re almost back to pre-recession employment levels.

“We’re getting to a point where you’ve got more and more Massachusetts companies that are doing better and hiring,” Bialecki said. “They’re feeling more confident of what’s ahead.”

Later on in the day, the Associated Industries of Massachusetts, released a report saying that business confidence has taken its second largest single month dive in the history of the metric.  Whoopsie….

2. If you thought it was quiet on Beacon Hill yesterday, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

The daily schedule released by State House News service shows three, yes three whole events in all of state government for today.  There’s so few, we can list em all here.  

Up first at 9 am is a public meeting of the Department of Public Utilities, Did former Marlborough Mayor Nancy Stevens realize she’d have to work on July 3rd when she took the $83K a year hack job?  Life can be so unfair.

Then at 9:30 Governor Patrick will take a look at what Brad Jones described as a very transparent FY2013 budget with his A&F Secretary, Jay Gonzalez.  Like most things with Abercrombie and Fitch this meeting will be closed to the press.

Then from 10am to 6pm there is absolutely nothing going on…  Well except for that laser-tag game between GOP and DEM staffers through the halls of the State House.  At 6 PM Duncan Hunter is in Boston for a Navy Week fundraiser to benefit wounded and fallen soldiers.  

3. Sal Dimasi’s loyal lieutenant Barbara L’Italien took to the Tewksbury Patch

Sal Dimasi’s loyal Vice Chair of Ways and Means is back, and gunning for the Lion of the House, Jim Lyons.  You may remember that immediately upon losing to Jim Lyons L’Italien took a $100K/yr payroll patriot hack job in the Treasury Department, without any experience.  But according to L’Italien, Jim Lyons is the problem on Beacon Hill.  Funny how she and leadership see eye to eye on that issue.

To tell the world about the evils of Jim Lyons, L’Italien took to the Tewksbury Patch.  Given the length and viciousness of the screed, Ted Kaczinsky would be proud at this manifesto.  

“If we want results, then we need to roll up our sleeves and work together,” said L’Italien, who worked closely with both Democrats and Republicans as a State Representative. “We don’t need a loudmouth – we need a strong and reasoned voice that gets results. As a State Representative I built a reputation as someone who worked with both political parties to get things done – and I delivered.”

The things Babs delivered of course included tax increases on alcohol that almost drove her constituents out of business…

(Image courtesy of the Valley Patriot (c)2010 – Tom Duggan)

4. John Renault Tierney is “shocked” to find gambling going on in his family

Poor John Tierney, nobody believes him regarding whether or not he knew there was gambling going on at the big casino run by his family he visited.  Especially the Boston Herald.  

5. We Still Hold These Truths

As we come upon July 4, 2012, it is important to remember the theme of this years CPAC.  “We Still Hold These Truths”, a play on the words of the Declaration of Independence.  Two of the speeches at the conference lived up to the theme: Minister of the European Parliament from England Dan Hannan who warned the US that we “Still Have Time to Stand Aside.” And, the last public speech of Andrew Breitbart, who called the conservative movement to digital arms.  Enjoy both.

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