Five Things you should know today July 26, 2012

1. Governor Deval Patrick takes your questions

Deval Patrick takes your questions on 96.9 FM Talks today at 9 AM you may call in at 617-822-1969.  You can see a list of 8 questions you should ask him here.

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2. Boston Globe laments dearth of GOP candidates

In their biennial piece the Boston Globe ran a story on the dearth of GOP candidates this fall. My quotes didn’t make it into the story, so I’ll share them here.  I think it is smart that we are selectively targeting about 30% of the Democratic incumbents.  This is a presidential year and we need to target our resources wisely.  I believe that we will pick up a handful of seats this year and keep most of our gains in 2010.  If we don’t challenge a majority of the incumbents in 2014, then I will be upset.  

3. Who is running against Bill Galvin?

Who will step up to the plate and run against William F. Galvin.  As secretary of state, he is the keeper of the public’s records, and he keeps them just as secret as the rest of the Beacon Hill elite.  Yesterday he declined the Boston Herald’s request for information about who is parking in the people’s garages.

Secretary of State William Galvin – a former 16-year lawmaker – backed the governor and rejected the Herald’s appeal yesterday for State House parking logs that could show when top state officials are at work and whether they’re honestly collecting their taxpayer-funded travel reimbursements.

They don’t call him the Dark Lord for nothing.  It’s cause he keeps the people in the dark.  Fire up the campaign, I’m ready to get on board.

4. Mike Huckabee declares August 1, 2012 National Chick-fil-a appreciation day

If one Chick-fil-a appreciation day a year isn’t enough for you, Mike Huckabee gets in the act.  You can join his movement to let Mayor Menino know your opinion.

5. Crony Capitalist Clean Energy Center charged with cronyism in hire

The Boston Herald is reporting that the new director of Deval Patrick’s clean energy center is related to Suzanne Bump.  It’s kind of fitting that the agency charged with enacting Deval Patrick’s crony capitalist agenda used cronyism in hiring. Isn’t it?

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Five Things you should know today July 25, 2012

1. Senate passes forced day-care provider political contribution bill.

The Senate yesterday passed a bill requiring the state’s home day car providers to join a union.  Because nobody takes advantage of workers like working moms.  This had absolutely nothing to do with a new stream of campaign contributions for Democratic politicians in Massachusetts at all.

There is no word on whether during the next session the legislature will debate requiring Cub Scout Den Mothers to unionize.

2. The House is in formal session

The state’s House of Representatives is in one of its final four formal sessions of the year today.  Nobody however really knows what they’ll take up as the most controversial bills are not out of conference committee yet.  This includes the bill which would allow the Government to set payment rates for private health care services.

3. House still says Bottle Bill a tax

House leadership is doing it’s best to impersonate Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberst, insisting that the bottle bill is a tax.  The State House News Service is reporting.

“We view it as a tax in the House and the speaker and the House have been clear with their opposition to increases in taxes,” Rep. Joseph Wagner, who was appointed on Tuesday as his branch’s lead negotiator on the economic development bill, told the News Service early Tuesday afternoon.

In light of the House’s position on the bottle bill, Wagner, who helped write the House proposal and co-chairs the Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies, went further to suggest that the bottle-bill expansion probably does not belong in bill intended to spur economic growth.

Wagner, along with Reps. Brian Dempsey and Kevin Kuros, were named as House negotiators on the jobs bill Tuesday morning, while the Senate late Tuesday named Sens. Gale Candaras, Stephen Brewer and Richard Ross to begin talks in the final week of formal sessions.

4. Beware tourists on bicycles

If the thought of oblivious tourists walking on the streets of Boston while you are trying to get from appointment to appointment isn’t enough to set you over the edge, the Mayor wants to make you fell better.  He will do so by adding 400 touristy rental bicycles to the streets of Boston.

5. It’s eat a Chick-Fil-A day

Today is national eat Chick-Fil-A day.  If you want to make a stand for the free speech rights of business owners.  Head out to the Burlington Mall and purchase a moist chicken sandwich.

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