Five Things you should know, Today, July 2, 2012

1. Tumbleweed sales go through the roof

This week will prove to be one of the most transparent on Beacon Hill of the current legislative session.  That’s because nothing will get done, as with the Fourth of July on a Wednesday, nobody will be around.  There are a few informal sessions planned however.

2. Tall Ships in town

With much less fanfare than in the past, the Tall Ships are in Boston this week, up until the Fourth.  It’s also the 200th Anniversary of the War of 1812, so the festivities around the USS Constitution take on special meaning.  

3. Doug Rubin needs to make sure his other clients aren’t implicated in Elizabeth Warren’s campaign literature.

In her most recent campaign literature, Elizabeth Warren calls for those “that broke the law to be prosecuted.”  Whoops, Michael Hudson makes a pretty strong case that Deval Patrick was complicit in breaking multiple states’ ethics laws.  Read about it here.

4. Team Warren may be thinking twice about that Eagan and Braude debate on WTKK.

Et tu Braude?  Jim Braude continues to prove that, while yes he’s a commie, he’s one of the hardest hitting interviewers of both sides, in the Commonwealth.  On Friday he caught Warren in a significant lie on her support for a single payer healthcare system.  Team Warren may be trying to figure out how to get out of that WTKK 96.9FM debate.

5.  Public employee retirement benefits are going to bankrupt your town

Outsized public employee retirement benefits are going to bankrupt your town.  So says the Metrowest Daily News.  Luckily residents of towns are starting to take notice, and perhaps avoid the pending economic demise.  

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