Five Things you should know today, July 16, 2012

1. Bob DeLeo the Warlock?

Speaker Robert DeLeo must be feeling a little like Terry Murray right about now.  You may remember that Murray was the one who hired the law firm which advertised “To You it’s a Witch Hunt, to them you’re the Witch.

Does this make Speaker DeLeo a Warlock?

2. Speaking of the Speaker, he has a Republican opponent this year

Speaker Robert DeLeo (D-Winthrop), who is currently the target of a federal criminal investigation, has a Repbulican opponent in his reelection bid.

Paul Caruucio is running against the Speaker of the House.  If DeLeo is indicted, things could get very interesting.  

3.  Music videos not just for Barbara L’Italien

You may remember that Barbara L’Italien video from last week.  It seems she’s not the only legislator that got the VH1 treatment from the provider’s council.  State Senator Thomas Kennedy got a music video as well

4. Massachusetts ranks 43rd in Manufacturing

YankeePundit has uncovered that Masaschusetts ranks 43rd for Manufacturing investment among the 50 states.  

5. The 3:00 Legislative Meeting should be interesting

Oh to bee a fly on the wall of today’s 3:00 PM legislative meeting between the Governor, Senate President and Speaker of the House.  Perhaps DeLeo and Murray will share with the Governor tales from Worcester?

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