Five Things you should know today, July 13, 2012

1. Romney was not involved in the day to day operations of Bain

Contrary to the big story in the Boston Globe yesterday, Mitt Romney was not involved in the day to day operations of Bain Capital after 1999.  That’s all he claimed, and it’s true.  Guy Benson at has an extensive look at the story.

Fortune Magazine has debunked the story as well.  

2. Joe Batts says Romney needs to go bold or go home in VP pick

In today’s Boston Herald Joe Battenfeld says Mitt Romney needs to go bold or go home when picking his VP.  He says Condi, Rubio and Kelly Ayotte of NH would be bold.  Of course having the first Vice President of French Canadian descent would be awesome.  Poutine for all!

3. It’s good to be the bililonaire

This one isn’t about politics, but we haven’t quite explored how awesome it is to be a billionaire lately.  For instance the 70 something Bob Kraft and his 32 year old bombshell girlfriend.  Today the Track Gals ask if his romance with the 32 year old actress will hurt the team.  Oh and there’s the audition practice video he made with her.

I’d show you the awesome video of Kraft and his galpal but he’s got some great lawyers and all traces of it have been removed from the interwebs.

4. Keiko Orrall fighting for regional voice in tribal casino sighting

Keiko Orrall is fighting to ensure that the surrounding communities, as well as Taunton.  The Taunton Gazette has the story.

“I think the intent is for this to be an open and transparent process,” said state Rep. Keiko Orrall, R-Lakeville. “At this point, it hasn’t been.”

Gaming Commission Chairman Stephen Crosby attended the Lakeville forum Thursday at Orrall’s request. The meeting, which was scheduled last week, fell just one day after Gov. Deval Patrick’s administration announced it had completed a compact with the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe, which is seeking to build a tribal casino in East Taunton.

5. Speaking of the gaming commission RMG will get our Carl Stanley McGee public records request back from the gaming commission soon

Red Mass Group was informed that our public records request looking at all communications members of the Gaming Commission had with those outside the Commission regarding accused pederast Carl Stanley McGee will be available on Tuesday of next week.

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