Five Things you should know, today July 10, 2012

1. Classic case of “he said – she said”

The odd case of the arrest of Representative Carlos Henriquez (D-Boston) falls into the classic pattern of he said she said.  Gintautus Dimcuis, of the Dorchester Reporter is the best resource for this story.  

State Rep. Carlos Henriquez entered a plea of not guilty on Monday afternoon in a Roxbury courtroom on charges that he assaulted a young woman and held her against her will in the vehicle. Judge Kenneth Fiandaca ordered Henriquez to appear back in court on Sept. 27. The Fifth Suffolk lawmaker was also told to stay away from certain addresses in Somerville and Arlington, which are associated with the alleged victim.

The Democrat, who represents parts of Dorchester and Roxbury, was arrested early Sunday morning on domestic assault and kidnapping charges, according to the Boston Police Department. In a 364-word statement released on Monday night, he called the allegations “completely untrue.”

2. RNC Delegate Meeting held last night

A meeting of the delegates to the Republican National Convention was held last night in Boston.  Not attending was Evan Kenney, an 18 year old libertarian leaning Republican from Wakefield.  Kenney was on the Rachel Maddow show, talking about the never ending saga of the winners of Massachusetts Caucuses.

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3. DeLeo attacks Patrick

The rosy relationship between Speaker DeLeo and Deval Patrick seems to be fraying.  Joe Battenfeld is reporting that DeLeo is taking pot-shots at the Governor.  The digs stem from Patrick’s vetoes of EBT wording in the state budget.

4. Constituents or SEIU Astroturf

You may have seen the progressive sphere trying to push the fact that a handful of MassUniting folks showed up to Scott Brown’s office on a Sunday to urge him to support Obamacare.  The story can be seen on Blue Mass Group.  MassUniting as you may remember is a wholly owned front group of unions such as the SEIU and MTA.  

Contrast that with the over 100 people who showed up on the Waterfront in Boston on Saturday for the Greater Boston Tea Party’s true grassroots effort.…

5. Warren spends campaign cash like it was taxpayer money

Holy burn rate Batman.  You may have seen that Elizabeth Warren raised an (insert adjective here – the left seems to like astonishing) amount of money last quarter, $8.7M.  This brings her total up to $24M for the race.  According to the Boston Herald Warren only has $13.5M of that money left.  That means four months before the election she has burned through $10.5M.  On what?  The race is exactly where it was before she burned through the money.  Expect Brown’s numbers in the near future.


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Five Things you should know, Today July 9, 2012

Update: The first thing you should know is that today is July 9, 2012, not July 10, 2012.

1. David Bernstein and Rob Eno on the Radio at noon

WGBH scheduled both David Bernstein and I to be on the radio today about three weeks ago. They had no clue that a dust-up would have happened in the mean time.  Listen in at noon on WGBH 89.7 to hear Bernstein and I talk about the “right wing smear machine.  

On that same topic, in William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection has weighed in on the topic.

2. Reactions to the budget vetoes by Governor Patrick.

Yesterday reactions to the budget vetoes by Governor Patrick yesterday, started trickling in.  Brad Jones was his usual measured self:

“I look forward to reviewing Governor Patrick’s vetoes and recommendations regarding the Fiscal Year 2013 budget beyond the limited details outlined in his press release.

Further assessment of his amendments to EBT reform and other areas is necessary in order to determine whether or not Governor Patrick is making constructive recommendations or attempting to avoid substantive changes and reforms on key issues.

Additionally, my office will be carefully reviewing his accompanying supplemental budget which seeks to add tens of millions of dollars in new spending to the FY13 budget just 8 days into the new fiscal year.”

While Democrat Jen Flanagan via twitter expressed “disappointment” in the Governor’s actions.

3. Tom Keyes/ Terry Murray race gets national attention.

Soren Dayton at has a front page article outlining why Tom Keyes could beat Terry Murray.

So the first question is, why do we think it is possible? The answer is simple. In 2010, Keyes got 48% of the vote while being outspent 10-1, and that is before we count the independent expenditures from the Democratic party at the last minute to bail out one of their leaders. Normally, I would analyze that a Republican would under-perform 2010, but Massachusetts in 2012 could be different. Why? Because Mitt Romney and Scott Brown are on the top of the ticket.  Furthermore, this district has historically been a Republican district. It is represented by three Republican State Representatives, a Republican County Sheriff and a Republican District Attorney. So the math makes it possible.

Red Mass Group is starting a new project shortly, the first focus will be on the Tom Keyes/ Terry Murray race.  Stay tuned for more.  

4. Rep Henriquez to be arraigned

Representative Carlos Henriquez will be arraigned on Domestic Assault and kidnapping charges today.  The charges stem from an early morning altercation in a car in the South End.

5. The shiny happy people holding hands are conservatives

The NY Times, seemingly begrudgingly, admits that conservatives are on the whole a lot happier than liberals.    

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