Final Session Update – Health Care – One GOP Member short on Ethics Committee and more

As the House sits 10 hours away from the end of the session may key pieces of legislation are in holding patterns and one key committee appointment remains unfilled.

State House News Service is reporting that the Health Care cost control legislation is out of committee and is going to be voted on today.  First in the Senate then in the House.  

The Right to Repair Legislation, Childrens Services and a few others are still in a holding pattern.  Peter Howe of NECN reported on twitter that a lobbyist friend told him he has “5 priorities in the next 10 hours and 4 aren’t looking good.”

Of immediate note is the fact that there is still a vacancy on the ethics committee for a GOP member.  Minority Leader Brad Jones (R-Reading) has until today to appoint the member so the House can approve the appointment.  If the position remains unfilled, we go into the possibility of weeding through indictments without a full contingent of Republican members on the panel.

Red Mass Group will be covering the end of session live later this evening.

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