Elizabeth Warren campaign literature calls for prosecution of Deval Patrick

The campaign push piece that Elzabeth Warren is currently using, calls for those at financial firms that “broke the law to be prosecuted.”  In his blockbuster book, The Monster: How a Gang of Predatory Lenders and Wall Street Bankers Fleeced America–and Spawned a Global Crisis, Michael Hudson outlined how Deval Patrick was complicit in the breaking of multiple states ethics laws. Given these facts, it seems that Elizabeth Warren is calling for the prosecution of Deval Patrick.

This weekend, volunteers for Elizabeth Warren were dropping campaign literature in Worcester.  The piece called for holding those who broke the economy accountable.  It also called for those who broke laws to be prosecuted.

Fighting to hold the Wall Street banks that caused the financial crash accountable, and for those who broke the law to be prosecuted.

Deval Patrick participated in the attempted commission of major ethics violations at a dinner for the Attorneys General suing Ameriquest, where he had recently been appointed to the board.  The main reason for the dinner was for Roland Arnall, the head of Acc Capital to announce the appointment of Deval Patrick, an up till then fierce sub-prime foe to the Board of Ameriquest’s holding company.

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As a former high ranking Assistant Attorney General in the Clinton Administration, Deval Patrick should have known that the giving away of free high-priced dining would violate governmental ethics laws.  Yet as a member of the board, at a dinner essentially in his honor, that is exactly what his company tried to do.  When the Attorneys General in the room tried to cause a ruckus about it, they had few options.  They eventually were told that they could reimburse Ameriquest for the meals.  The book goes on to say that those checks were never cashed.  

Deval Patrick, knowing there was an attmempted ethics violation, seems to have not followed up to make sure the law was followed.  

Is it any wonder then, that then Attorney General, and gubernatorial candidate Tom Reilly was so aghast at Patrick’s tenure on the board of Ameriquest.  Reilly was involved with the negotiations at a high level, and no doubt knew about the ethics violations.  

Elizabeth Warren should answer the following question: When you say that those that broke the law should be prosecuted, does this mean your sub-prime banker supporter Deval Patrick?

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