Electoral College Tie Possible In Obama-Romney 2012 Race?

CNN political reporter Steve Hamby last Friday outlined eight (8) scenarios that might yield an unprecedented tie in America’s Electoral College when it meets to decide who will win the 2012 presidential election:

The likelihood that President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will each net 269 electoral votes in November, instead of the 270 needed to win, is actually not so farfetched — and for close observers of the Electoral College system, a tie would set off a wave of constitutional and political mayhem that would make the 2000 Florida recount seem like a tidy affair.

For me, it remains too early to divine what the key swing states will do in November. And any kind of foreign or domestic crisis can dramatically affect the election one way or the other. Still, Hamby’s speculations remain intriguing & will no doubt be the subject of much theoretical banter amongst political junkies of all persuasions.

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