Dr. Condoleezza Rice moves to front of VP pack…..

She insisted she does not want the job.  

Republicans love her.

Her qualifications are incredible.

She is now at the top of the list.

Drudge is reporting it here.

USA Today is speculating about it here.

Even the Boston Herald is now thinking about it out loud.

Personally, I love Dr. Condoleeza Rice and will always have the greatest respect for her and the numerous accomplishments of her career – both teaching and government.  She would be a very difficult figure for Obama to attack.  Though she might seem like a return to the Bush era for some – to most people she is a smart, determined, black woman that represents the very best of what America has to offer.  

She makes a nice ‘foil’ to Obama in that Obama is a big government, handout type that endorses quotas and entitlement.  Dr Rice on te other hand is the picture of american exceptionalism.  She is incredibly well educated, brilliant, determined and independent.  She could certainly help clarify that this election is about re electing a man that lives for handouts, or elect a team that believes in the promise of this great land….

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