Damn – Sabutai from BlueMassGroup is spreading lies about Mitt Romney

And the editors are no where to be found.

First the lie …

Thus, when Mitt Romney (son of a Mexican-born father) says that Obama doesn’t understand Anglo-Saxon relationships – Sabutai

Dan-from-Waltham correctly pointed out

Romney never said that … In fact, disavowed the comment. – DanFromWaltham

And of course whosemidingdemint being the good footsoldier that he is comes in with . . .

Come on

Mitt is always saying stuff and then says he never said it. It’s Mitt! Whosmindingdemint

Dan from Waltham followed up with

Sabutai’s post needs to be deleted

Bob or Dave, I know you know Mitt Romney never uttered the words in Sabutai’s post. Can we get an official ruling here or at the very least, delete the lie.

Thank you – DanFromWaltham

Reality Based indeed : )

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